Our Product Selection

Our range encompasses thoughtfully balanced sourdoughs, traditional French Baguettes, Italian Ciabattas or darker German rye amongst others.

All of our sourdough breads are made without the use of bakers yeast. No compromise here. We “cultivate” and nurture 3 different sourdough “mothers”, one wheat, one rye and one spelt.

At Banneton, we use bio dynamic flours. This means that the soil balance is carefully tended to by the farmer in order to get the right amount of minerals in the grain. This ensures the healthiest level of minerals in our products. We also carefully balance our sourdough “mother” between acetic and lactic flavours.

Only our French Baguettes and flat bread range (ciabatta, focaccia, turkish) are made using a very small amount of bakers yeast. The process is very similar to a sourdough process (long fermentation), but allows for a lighter, more open crumb and generally a thinner crust.

Our range:

  • Banneton sourdough and vienna sourdough (100% wheat flour).
  • Multigrain (12 seeds and grains, almonds with more than 50% whole wheat flour).
  • NY Deli Rye (30% rye flour added to wheat. We fold Caramelised onions through the dough).
  • Brandied fruit (Wheat based, spices, honey and a variety of fruits soaked in brandy).
  • French baguette (wheat based, light crumb, thin crust) The best outside of Paris.
  • Ciabatta (wheat based with olive oil).
  • Focaccia garlic.
  • Turkish bread.
  • Bagels. The real ones…poached.
  • Pretzels. Like in Germany.

All of the above are made daily.

We also bake the following items on specified days:

  • Spelt bread (a mixture of whole spelt and white spelt). Wed/Sat/Sun.
  • Latvian Rye (100% rye with honey, brown sugar and caraway seeds). Moist and marvellous. - Sat/Sun. Did I say marvellous.
  • Sunflower rye (40 % rye, dark malt, 60% wheat, sunflower seeds). A crowd pleaser. Sat/Sun
  • Miche (A combination of wheat and spelt). Very rustic, will last a week. Great for going camping. Sat/Sun.
  • Olive and Rosemary (wheat base with black olives and fresh rosemary). Feel like being in Tuscany. Sat/Sun.

Fresh bread Baked daily